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Welcome to Alnusa 

PT. Alam Nusantara Jayatama (Alnusa) established in the Export Pet trading business since 1999. Since then our Company has grown to be one of the largest in the industry. We currently own two separate large outdoor Farms and two separate indoor Building facilities in Jakarta.

Our Company export mainly Indonesian Reptiles & Amphibian. We have also recently expanding to Mammals. Fresh water Fish and Invertebrates. We have a wide range of Wild caught and Captive Bred Animals at our inventory. We apply our passion and knowledge to care and breed many species of Animals at our spacious Farm. We strive to meet all the customers need from general to specialist. We concern of our quality as much as our Customers do. Animal welfare is place on the top priority in our care. Quality is proven not spoken so. We shall leave this to your own judgement on our quality.

Our knowledge on the Indonesian Herpetofauna is represent in this Website. Not only is enrich with information, Our extensive Gallery covering the specific localities and varieties help to serve anyone interest in the Indonesian Herpetology from hobbyst to scientific purposes which we have got already many credit for including new species of Turtle that were scientifically name ( Chelodina gunaleni ) to honor the owner of PT. Alam Nusantara Jayatama Danny gunalen for the direct involvement of it's discovery. Most notably our most prestigious credit is the award by Vice President of Indonesia Boediono on Indonesian Conservation day on January 22, 2010. We were the only and the first commercial company constributed to Nature Conservation by repopulating the extinct Roti Island Snake neck Turtle ( Chelodina mccordi ) caused by habitat destruction from our Captive Breeding offspring, More articles and photos can be seen on our news page 2009 and 2010.

We would like to thank Indonesian CITES management Authority Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation ( PHKA ) for their guide through proper legislation process and conservation oriented objective. Thank to Indonesian Scientific Authority ( LIPI ) for the monitoring on our Captive breeding propagation as well as giving scientific guidance and advices , Gratitude to our loyal Customers around the globe for their consistant support without whom we could not be more success. 

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Danny Gunalen

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